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Recitations in Law School cease today.

A room in Hollis was drawn for yesterday.

Harvard versus Princeton on Jarvis field this afternoon at 4 o'clock.

Class day at Vassar on the 12th, and commencement on the 13th of June.

The University nine will be photographed at Pach's studio today at 2.45.

Mr. Louis Kossuth Hull of the Yale university crew visited Harvard on Decoration Day.

The freshman nine leaves the Boston & Maine depot for Andover at 12.30 P. M. Saturday.

The game with Andover Saturday will be the last game of the freshman nine before playing Yale.

The freshmen play Andover at Andover tomorrow. They will play without their university men.

In the Yale-Princeton game on Wednesday Princeton excelled Yale both at the bat and in the field.

The Pierian expect to give a concert in honor of the Princeton nine on the steps of Matthews this evening.

Section 1 in Freshman Mathematics will recite at 11 A. M. Saturday; a recitation will also be held at 9 A. M. for those who cannot attend at eleven.

This is the last day of receiving applications for scholarships, or for aid from the beneficiary fund; and also of receiving applications of candidates for final honors.

The advanced section in freshman Latin will recite June 4th at 2 P. M., June 5th at 11 A. M., and June 7th at 12 M. Examination books are to be handed in on Monday.

In the course of the examination in Freshman Chemistry yesterday, Prof. Cooke read a short description of Chemistry I. and II., which are supplementary to the work of the freshman year.

The following-named men will compose the nine in the game today: Allen, P.; Nichols, c.; Smith, 1b.; Coolidge, 2b.; Beaman, 3b.; Baker, s.s.; Le Moyne, 1.f.; Crocker, c.f.; Lovering, r.f.

Sections A and C in Freshman Latin will recite together at 9 A. M. June 2, and 12 A. M. June 5, but separately at the regular hours on June 7th and 9th. Examination books are to be handed in as soon as possible.

The Clipper's account of the recent inter-collegiate sports states that among the colors displayed by the lady spectators "the pale blue and white of Columbia and the bright crimson of Harvard were largely in the ascendant."

In the Longwood tournament yesterday, S. Richards forfeited to Dr. Dwight. J. S. Clarke played Dwight 6-4, 6-5, 5-7 and 2-0, on next set, which will be finished today. Dwight and Richards forfeit to J. l. and C. M. Clark in the doubles.

At the meeting of the lacrosse team last night it was decided to protest the recent Yale-Harvard game, and the following committee was appointed to draw up grounds of complaint: Davis, '83; Noble, '84; Marquand, '85. Mr. Noble, '84, was elected captain for the ensuing year.

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