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The Leaves gives the following statistics of the class of '83 at Lasell:

Nicknames - "Porkapolis," "Heliogapolis," "Old Bat," "Battery," "Asia Minor," "Phinio," "Satellite," "Lill M. Froze-to-death," "Purchase."

Color of eyes - Three, brown; one, pale blue; one, dark blue; three, gray; one, green or undeterminable.

Age - Average, 19 years.

Weight - Aggregate, 1,047 1/2 lbs.; average, 116 1/3 lbs.; heaviest, 140 lbs.; lightest, 94 lbs.


Height - Aggregate, 47ft. 6in.; tallest, 5ft. 4 1/2 in.; shortest, 4ft. 11in.

Matrimonial prospects - Two, decided; one, encouraged; one, indifferent; one, intent on single blessedness; one, "only waiting;" the rest are hopeful.

Church preference - Five, Methodists; three Congregationalists; one, Episcopalian.

Political sentiments - Nine, Republicans.