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EDITORS HARVARD HERALD: The correspondent in yesterday's HERALD betrays the animus of the whole article in his signature - "One who did not Draw a Room." Because he was born under an unlucky star, this writer has to vent his spleen in the columns of a college daily. Every one knows these men, whenever one of them thinks that the whole world has ceased for a moment to be at his feet, he rushes into print. When he sees his complaint in print he imagines that the fancied evil is done away with.

His points are all childish and badly taken. He makes nothing but general statements, which are in the power of any individual to make in support of any charge, however ludicrous. What right for instance has he to assume that the men who draw for rooms do not act in good faith? Does he suppose that every man is willing to perjure himself with the readiness with which he seems to be so familiar?

The trouble is, that a senior who has had to pay a bonus for his rooms cannot help seeing an injustice in his being obliged to hand over his room without any return for the money expended on it and in the purchase of it. When a man pays a bonus of twenty-five dollars, and puts thirty-five dollars' worth of wall-paper on a room whose rent is less than fifty, he feels that he should get some return for the money expended. The idea of stopping transfers is a ridiculous one. How would he provide for a man's chum if not by transferring? The whole article is inconsiderate and unjust, and, I might say, presumptuous.


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