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Two private single tennis matches will take place at the Longwood grounds today with the following players : Dwight, Sears, J. S. Clark and C. M. Clark.

A second dispatch was posted at Bartlett's at two o'clock stating that Harvard had beat Columbia by fifteen instead of twelve boat lengths as was previously announced.

Mr. W. G. Dearing of the second year Law School was presented with a gold-headed cane yesterday by his class-mates. Mr. F. C. Griswold made the presentation speech.

The boat which will be used by the freshmen in the race against Columbia is the one formerly owned by '82 and now by '84. It has come first in three races, second in one and never last. It is considered the best one in college.

Smith, the new man engaged by Boston, played in the Yale team in 11 college championship games last season. His batting average was .294, with a total of .470, and his fielding average - centrefielder - .875.