There was an examination in Latin 3 yesterday.

Both wings of the new Law School building have been finished.

The cups won by the senior crew are exhibited in Bartlett's window.

The freshman nine was accompanied to Andover by very few members of '86.

Brooks, of Yale, beat Myers in the 220 yards dash at Mott Haven, Saturday.

Mr. Parker will devote the remaining recitations of his Latin section entirely to Latin composition.

Amherst is considered Yale's strongest competitor for the inter-collegiate base-ball championship.

It is suggested that at the first meeting of the committee of conference the question of proctors be taken up.

As the photograph of the nine taken last Friday was unsatisfactory, another sitting will be made tomorrow (Tuesday) at 2 P. M.

In the doubles of the tennis tournament, Saturday, Denniston and J. S. Clark beat Rathbone and D. C. Clark 8-6, 6-4, 6-5.

The examinations for honors in History 15 are as follows: Treaties today at 12 o'clock, International Law Wednesday and Friday at 12 o'clock.

Of the best inter-collegiate records, Harvard holds seven, Columbia five, Yale, Dartmouth, Cornell and Princeton each two and McGill one.

The best record in putting the shot, throwing the hammer, throwing the fifty pound weight and in pole vaulting were beaten at Mott Haven Saturday.

Professor Croswell has allowed his sections in Freshman Greek to hand in the translation of a book of Homer written out, which will count ten per cent. on the term marks.

The Advertiser published Saturday the text and translation of the diploma which is awarded by the Harvard authorities with the degree of LL. D. It is for the benefit of those recipients of it who have been unable to procure a translation.

Lt. Alexander McCrocker, U. S. Navy, of the Law School has received orders to report for duty by June 16th on board the U. S. S. Constellation for the summer cruise with the cadets of the Naval Academy.

The following are some of the records made at St. Paul's School Thursday, which seem to compare quite favorably with college records: 100 yards, 10 1/2; quarter-mile, 53 1/4; half-mile, 2m. 9s.; running high jump, 5 ft., 4 1/2 in.; throwing the hammer (12 lbs.), 86 ft. 9 in.

At Williams, instead of carrying several two or three-hour courses along together, the student is compelled to take three studies with recitations in each five times a week. He is expected to finish some of these courses before the term is out, and then other studies with recitations five times a week are given him.