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Since college ended last June, a great change has taken place in the aspect of Holmes field. The new track has been laid out, the ground leveled, and a large building, the "Jefferson Physical Laboratory," has been nearly erected. The new Law School on the outskirts of the field, which has also been largely built during the summer, will be occupied, it is expected, some time about the first of October. It is built entirely of stone, and may now be considered perhaps the most beautiful building which the university possesses.

An unfortunate mistake has been made in regard to the track, owing to a misinterpretation of the contract. The specifications called for a layer of coarse cinders and gravel upon the foundation, and then upon this a layer three inches thick of fine cinders and sand. This would make a porous covering through which any water could easily pass to the foundation and be drained off. But instead of this being done a layer of small rocks and gravel was laid, and this covered with a layer of ashes and fine gravel. Of course this would tend to form a concrete and become very hard and would be in no respect equal to the former as a running track. It was all due to a misunderstanding, for the substances which the contractors put on are worth several times that which the contract specified. Accordingly the top is now being removed and will be replaced by the specified layers. Notwithstanding the delay, in three weeks it is believed the track will be completed. Care ought to be used when crossing the field to go on the boards which will be laid, and not on the newly leveled ground, for several hundreds of dollars have been expended on it, and unless a sod is formed before next spring the place will become hardened and a mere dust pan. When it is finally completed we do not think we overstate in saying that Harvard will have the finest track in the country.

The "Jefferson Laboratory," which will probably not be completed until next April, will have three stories and a basement on a concrete foundation. Among its new features is a temperature room which has walls separated by twelve inches from the external walls, and is lighted through the building.

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