The University crew now row five hundred strokes daily on the machines.

Yale wants a stationary bicycle in her gymnasium.

The 'varsity and the senior crew rowed soon after noon yesterday, the former coached as usual by Col. Bancroft.

Denver, Colorado, has been decided upon by the Jesuits as the proper place for the founding of a college.

All the colleges and schools in Quebec have been closed on account of a serious epidemic of typhoid fever there.

Prof. Klinkerfues, the German astronomer, shot himself in the observatory at Gottingen, Monday.

The Harvard freshmen have already begun preparations for their usual annual defeat by the Yale freshmen.-[Globe.

Park Square cars now run every ten minutes between 6.30 and 11.30 A. M., and 4 and 8 P. M., and every fifteen minutes during the rest of the day.

At Wisconsin University the changes of classes are indicated by the ringing of electric bells placed in the several recitation and lecture rooms.

The Yale freshman nine has four candidates for the position of pitcher, two for catcher, two for each of the bases, and three for short-stop.

The freshman class of Cornell University has representatives from Russia, Spain, Brazil, Central America, Germany, Australia, and Canada.

Greek 9 will take up the Knights of Aristophanes after the examinations. It is expected that the section will go more quickly through the rest of the work.

Papers have been found among the literary collections of the late Herr Lasker, which are expected to give the much desired information on obscure points in the Constitutional History of Germany. Many of these manuscripts are in an unfinished condition.

Harvard is to be represented at the meeting of delegates from the Amateur Lacrosse Clubs in New York, Saturday, to make arrangements for sending an American team to England.

The examination in English 5 will consist of a theme on Emerson, written in the examination room. This theme will count but little more than the regular ones, and will be numbered as one of them, No. 9.

Notice is given that there will be no hot or cold water at the gymnasium on Friday and Saturday of this week. An attempt will be made to increase the heating capacity of the boiler so as to render it capable of heating water quickly enough to meet the demand made upon it between five and six o'clock in the afternoon. To effect this it will be necessary to turn off the water for the time stated above.

In view of the statements that have been made concerning the unhealthfulness of Yale College and of the supposed cases of sanitary defects, a special inquiry has been made by a committee consisting of C. F. Chandler of Columbia College, N. Y., Dr. C. A. Lyndsley of the New Haven board of health, and Prof. William H. Brewer of the Sheffield Scientific School, for the benefit of the patrons and friends of the college. The committee reports that there is no specially unhealthful condition; that there is no reason for alarm, and that the students seem to be in their usual health.