A stratum of solid, slippery ice;

A stratum of slush so soft and nice;

A stratum of water; over that

A stratum of man in a new silk hat;

Above the startled air is blue

With oath on oath a stratum or two.


A new play entitle "The Alpine Rose," by Prof. H. H. Boyesen, formerly of Cornell, now at Columbia, will shortly be brought out at Madison Square Theatre.

The Brigham Young Academy at Provo City, U., a Mormom school, with four hundred students, was burned Monday night. Loss, $30,000; uninsured.

Out of a population of 25,000,000, England sends only 5,000 students to her two universities; Scotland, with a population of 4,000,000 has 6,500 university students; and Germany, with a population of 43,000,000, has 22,500 in her various universities. The New England States, with a population of 4,110,000, send 4,000 students to their eighteen colleges and universities.

There are few surer tests-for fineness of intellectual fibre, and for that clearness of thought and expression which is essential to success and influence as a leader of men, than the test which is found in love for Greek and in proficiency in this study where the spirit of Athenian culture rules the class-room in which Greek is taught. [President Gates, of Rutger's College