Electricity and Magnetism. Prof. Lovering. Harvard 3, 11 A. M.

Overseers. Stated meeting at No. 70 Water street, Boston, 11 A. M.

Latin Readings. Terence's Heauton Timorumenos (first half). Mr. Preble in Sever 11, 7.30 P. M. today.

Examination for entrance condition in French will be held today in U. E. R. at 4 P. M.

The section in Greek 7, will have a half-hour examination on the first half of Demosthenes' De Corona before the semis.

The Tech employs a professional artist to draw occasional sketches for the paper.

The revised tabular view for freshmen has been posted on the bulletin boards. It will go into effect today.

Mr. Wendell will meet the whole junior class next Tuesday for instruction in regard to the next theme.

Is it not time that the sign "Eastern Time" should be removed from the clock at Memorial?

History of American College Journalism, by J. F. McClure of Cambridge, is an interesting little work.

An election for president for the dining association will take place Friday at dinner. Nominations may be left with the auditor.

Much dissatisfaction is expressed at the action of the instructor in junior themes in requiring another theme before the semis.

There are one hundred and ninety college papers in the United States. The Brunonian is the oldest of all. having been established in 1829.

The tables at Memorial Hall remain full.

"French Readings," edited by W. J. Knapp, Street professor of modern languages in Yale College, is just published.

Saturday afternoon dances in the gymnasium, are features of student life at the Institute of Technology in Boston.