Fact and Rumor.

Class foot ball games are in progress at Dartmouth.

Yale has a Christmas vacation this year of three weeks.

Rutgers has defeated Columbia at foot ball by a score of 33 to 5.

Cornell has just received a new statue for her Memorial chapel.


The Harvard-Princeton game will occur Saturday afternoon on Jarvis Field.

There will probably be a "fast hunt" hare and hounds run next Thursday at 3.15 P. M.


The trustees of Cornell have recently purchased the Ward collection of European fossils.

At Yale the opinion seems to be that the contest with Princeton will be very close and exciting.

Three members of '87's freshman crew at Yale have been requested to train for the 'varsity.

The one mile bicycle champion of Chicago, Mr. Sturges, has entered the freshman class, Technology.

The Sophomore German lessons, like last year's Harvard eleven, are characterized by a lack of snap.- [Ex.

Today is the last day in which corrections can be made in the list of names in the catalogue before going to press.

Five sophomores were suspended for the crime of hanging a rag baby from a balcony in Witherspoon.- [Princetonian.

A manual of the gymnastic exercises practised by the junior class at Amherst has been written by Dr. Edward Hitchcock.

The Yale-Harvard game will be played in New Haven, November 22; the Yale-Princeton game in New York on Thanksgiving day.

It is rumored that three New York amateur athletes will try their powers in England next summer. They are Messrs. Baxter, Ford and Queck-bevner.

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