Fact and Rumor.

The price of board at Memorial for the last month was $3.97.

A return game with Wesleyan will be played on Jarvis Field, next week.

The fifth number of the Advocate can now be got at Sever's.

All the studies at Harvard have been made elective.-[Polytechnic.

Several men from Venezuela registered at Manhattan College last week.


Michigan University has a man who has made the 100 yards dash in 10 seconds.

Prof. Dunbar will resume charge of Political Economy 2, Monday. There will be no recitation in that course to-day.

Senior forensics are due to-day, and must be handed in between 12 and 1.30, the time having been extended half an hour.

In the tug of was between the Sophomore and Freshman classes at Michigan university, there were fifteen men on each side.

Nine new men, candidates for the two or three vacant places on the Yale 'Varsity boat, went out on the water Tuesday afternoon.

A small number of Princeton men came up with their eleven.

It is expected that a considerable number of Yale men will be present at the game this afternoon.

Lafayette defeated Lehigh in foot ball on Wednesday for the second time this year. The score was 34 to 4.

The costumes of the school eleven which played the freshmen yesterday afternoon were decidedly varied.

Wadsworth of the school eleven did some excellent kicking yesterday afternoon.