Harvard Shooting Club.

The first field meeting of the club was held yesterday afternoon on the grounds of the Middlesex Sportsman's Club at Watertown. A worse time for shooting could hardly have been chosen, for the wind which swept across the grounds in chilly gusts imparted a velocity to the pigeons which rendered the attainment of satisfactory scores almost an impossibility. The ten members of the club who were present contested five events, with the following results:

Match 1. Five clay birds. First, W. L. Allen, '86: Clyde, '88; Kennard, 88; Slocum, '86; second, Ayer, '86; Mead, '87.

Match 2. Seven birds, open to all. First, Allen; second, Austin, '86; third, Folsom, '88.

Match 3. Five glass balls. First, Allen. Mead; second, Austin; third, Clyde, Kennard, Slocum.

Match 4. Seven balls. Former prize winners barred. First, Folsom, '88; second, F. Austin, Ayer, Clyde; Mead; third, Kennard, Love, '88.

Match 5. Seven birds. First, Allen; second, F. Austin; third, Clyde.

The club will open a series of classified matches on Thursday next, in which the first prizes will be cups, the second prizes silver medals. One match will be restricted to freshman members of the club only.