Fact and Rumor.

The first junior forensic is due to day.

Pictures of the "Band" are now ready at Notman's Cambridge studio.

The Reverend Alexander McKenzie preached at Appleton Chapel last evening.

The hearing of the foot ball manifesto comes to night in the director's room of the gymnasium.

Beginning to day, Mr. Geo. A. Hill will take charge of Professor Eustis's classes during his absence.

The additional commencement parts have been assigned in '85, Boutwell, an oration, and Noble a dissertation.

At Andover Academy they use the bowling allies in the gymnasium for base ball practice during the winter.

The Yale Banner for 1884-85, an annual corresponding to our Index, but ornamented with cuts, is out.

At the matches of the Middlesex Sportsman Club on Thanksgiving day, several members of the Harvard Shooting Club took part and won prizes.

The third competition in the current series of shot gun under the auspices of the Shooting Club will be held at Watertown on Wednesday.

Professor John Williams White has returned from New York where he has been on business for the committee on athletics.

Those who intend to take the voluntary course in reading under Mr. Cummings are requested to meet him in Sever 11, at the hours, 12-1 or 3-4.

Attendance at prayers on the two days following Thanksgiving was decidedly slim. Less than 200 were present on Friday.

The candidates for the junior crew, begins work this afternoon. There are a large number of men who intend to try for positions.

At Michigan University there are ten laboratories in active operation for the prosecution of advanced studies in geology, mineralogy, physics, mechanics, and chemistry.

An excellent communication from N. G. on the foot ball question was crowded out from this morning's issue. N. G. should be present and speak at the hearing this evening.