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BOSTON, Nov. 7, 1884.

J. J. Storrow, Jr., Captain Harvard University Crew:

DEAR SIR-At a meeting of the graduate committee on boating, your application for permission to engage Mr. Bancroft as coach has had full and careful consideration. It is the unanimous opinion of the graduate committee that the practice of having a professional or paid coach is inexpedient and detrimental to the best interests of rowing at Harvard, and we therefore strongly advise that this custom be discontinued now and hereafter. We hope you will give the matter due thought, and arrive at the same conclusion we have. Under the circumstances, therefore, we do not approve your employing Mr. Bancroft as coach. We are, however, as you know, simply an advisory committee, and the final decision of this question rests with the faculty committee on athletics, to whom you should refer it again if you now wish to do so.

Yours truly,

EDWARD N. FENNO, Graduate Committee.R. C. WATSON, Graduate Committee.N. G. READ, Graduate Committee.