Special Notices.

All notices published under this head except "Lost" and "Found" notices must be paid for before insertion.

LOST-A stylographic pen. Will the finder please leave with the Auditor or with Leavitt and Peirce.

TAKEN-From the door of 30 Thayer, a silk umbrella. No questions asked upon its return to that room.

J. F. Noera has opened to the inspection of the public, a new tailoring department. His new method for cleansing clothes by the steam-naptha process is ne plus ultra. The repairing and pressing are done by first-class work men. All orders thankfully received 438 Harvard street.

Those who have not availed themselves of the opportunity of exchanging or purchasing books during Mr. Russell's stay, may do so in future by addressing W. E. Russell, 88 Chambers street, New York. Send in list of text books you have, with copyright and title page dates, and estimates will be returned. Large stock of books, retailed at wholesale prices. In order to receive the special college discount while calling in person at the above address, inquire for Mr. Russell, or present this notice.