Fact and Rumor.

The first Cambridge Assembly in Armory Hall, occurs this evening.

No more new laboratory work will be assigned in N. H. 5.

Dartmouth has recently established a lecture association.

The Bowdoin crew are already in training for the Saratoga regatta.

The voluntary courses in reading meet with great success. The recitation rooms are crowded every time.

A Southern club is talked of by the students at Yale, who come from that part of the country.

After the lecture last evening, President Eliot gave a reception to Mr. Gosse and the Historical Society.

There is a Rugby foot ball club of young Englishmen in Chicago. Their eleven was recently defeated by the University of Michigan.

The whole number of men at Tufts exceeds now a hundred, according to latest advices. Truly this institution is growing.

The latest, the freshman (88) chess club. A real Christmas present to our youngest class this might well be called.

More bathing accommodations for the gymnasium are needed to keep pace with the new lockers and new students.

It is almost phenomenal, when such a good roller skating rink as the Harvard is close at hand, that some student has not started a rink polo club.

Several of the buildings of the new Bryn Mawr college for women, started by the Quakers near Philadelphia, are nearly completed, and college work will soon be begun.

Professor Nichols called H6 06 S "straight" suplhuric acid, because it contains the maximum amount of water. Isn't that rather contrary to colloquial usage? -[Tech.

The Williams foot ball team won four out of five games played, a very good record when we consider that this is only the second year that the game has been played at Williams.

The new track of the University of Pennsylvania, with all the necessary buildings, etc., has been completed. It is an oval quarter-mile cinder path, eighteen feet wide on the straight and fifteen on the remainder.

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