The Lacrosse team begin regular cage work next week.

The New York Harvard Club has its annual dinner tonight.

Williams has in contemplation a winter athletic meeting.

The Institute of Technology has made improvements in its gymnasium.


Tonight the new operetta, "A trip to Africa," will be brought out at the Bijou Theatre.

Divinity Hall Lectures, Rev. Phillips Brooks, D. D. Divinity Hall Chapel, 7.30 P. M.


Captain Cochrane wishes the men trying for the '87 tug-of-war team to be at the gymnasium at 3.30.

Easton, '83, of the Law School, is giving points to the freshman tug-of-war team every afternoon.

Junior Theme IV. will be returned with criticisms, in Sever 5, on Thursday, February 21, from 2 until 5.

The new Williams College Athletic Association expects to model its constitution after that of Harvard.

On account of the open weather, the captain of the nine is looking eagerly for opportunities for out-of-door practice.

Dr. McKenzie, who is to address the Christian Brethren this evening, was formerly, in his college days, president of the society.

Hilton claims the lead in musical instruments. With twelve occupants there are seven pianos, two violins, one cello and one banjo.

Narrative Composition. (Courses for sophomores.) Special subject: The Mid-Year Examination Paper. Mr. Briggs. Sever 11, 11 A. M.

General Gordon in his lecture Tuesday evening spoke warmly of the ability and character of his adversary, General "Stonewall" Jackson.

The subscriptions to the Nathan Gest Memorial Library at Williams have reached $1,000, and the library will soon be opened to the students.