Vassar has formed a glee club.

The president of Mellin College commands its cadet battalion. [Ex.

The Institute of Technology has issued its annual catalogue.

Dartmouth has three graduates in the present National House of Representatives.

After the examinations, Greek 3 will resume its reading of the Odyssey, after which the Iliad will probably be read.

The action taken by the Lacrosse convention at New York will soon be made public.

Matthew Arnold was made an honorary member of the Whig Club at Princeton.

The proctors of Whitelaw College have organized a nine to give practice to the college nine. [Ex.

The Dartmouth College alumni of Chicago held their ninth annual banquet recently.

The University of Edinburgh expects to celebrate its 300th anniversary in a short time.

The new women's college which it is proposed to establish at Baltimore is to be a strictly Methodist institution.

Yale successfully supports one daily paper, two fortnightlies, a monthly, and three annuals.

At the annual dinner of the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity, at which were in attendance both past and present members, Hon. Stephen B Philipps, of Salem, was elected vice-president, representing the Harvard chapter.

The Middlesex Gun Club will shoot at Watertown, Thursday, and several members of the Harvard Shooting Club will probably attend.

The decisions reached by the intercollegiate athletic conference will be published as soon as the subject has been voted upon by the several faculties represented.

A class of nineteen girls from Boston University has just commenced work in the physical laboratory of the Institute of Technology.