Boston is to have a new professional nine.

Mr. Matthew Arnold has sailed for Europe.

Fifty men are training for the nine at Columbia.

The Yale Bicycle Club will hold its meeting on May 25.

It is rumored that a new paper is to be started at Harvard next year.

Claflin '86, is a member of the executive committee of the L. A. W.

F. H. Briggs and E. Lent '85, have been elected into the H. T. A. L.

The Yale freshmen have started a new society called "The Birds."

Goodwin, '87, is training for catcher of the Yale University nine.

The date of the bicycle club races has been changed to May 31st.

Nine members of the Faculty voted against the athletic resolutions.

Yesterday's Herald contained an interesting sketch of the Harvard Bicycle Club.

There will be several new consolidates for boxing honors at the winter meetings.

Tyng the former pitcher of the Harvard nine is now a member of the Staten Island club.

The law school tug of war team defeated Harvard '84, but was in turn pulled by the "Tech" team.

The instructor in History 13 requests all members of his course who intend to complete their these to notify him at once.

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