The freshmen played their first game of any consequence on Saturday with the Adams Academy nine at Quincy, and gave a miserable exhibition of fielding. There are some very good players on the team, but they do not play together.

Litchfield is one of the catchers and is a very hard worker. He is apt to "rattle" at the critical points of the game and needs a great deal of practice ; he is a fair batter. Varick is a plucky catcher, but rather light for the position. He does not throw accurately to the bases and is weak at the bat. Baker has done most of the pitching for the nine, and does fairly well, he has good curves and very fair speed. He is very weak on "pop" flies, and also at the bat. It will take a great deal of hard work to get him in proper condition to face Yale. Cowling will play first base ; he plays his position fairly well, but is weak on "pick-ups" and ground balls. He tends to play in a lazy way, and needs more snap. He is a hard, though not sure, hitter and runs well.

H. Coolidge will over second base. He is a good fielder, but poor on a long throw ; he is very weak at the bat. F. Coolidge will probably play third. He has had but little experience heretofore, but has made wonderful improvement. He throws well, and thus far has batted fairly.

Loud, the captain of the nine, will play short. He is a hard worker and a good fielder, but does not play his position for all it is worth. He covers his ground well, but does not pay enough attention to backing up second and third bases. He is very weak at the bat.

Bales is playing left field, and has a good record in that position. When at the bat he appears afraid of the ball, and bats in poor form. He needs considerable coaching. Willard will play centre field. He plays the game for all it is worth, is a hard worker, good fielder, and excellent batter. Tilden is playing left field, and has had a great deal of experience in the game. He is not a hard worker, but plays a good game, and is a good batter. Wiestling is one of the best players on the nine, and is working hard for pitcher's position ; he bats well, and is a good runner. Potter is a fair player, but has not been tried in a game as yet. Power has played all winter in the cage, but has not been tried in a game.