The last and by far the most interesting and useful of the lectures given under the auspices of the Finance Club this winter, was delivered last evening by Prof. J. Lawrence Laughlin, the president of the club, in Sever 11. The lecturer showed the influence of the war in promoting the study of political economy, which before that date was practically unknown by the people at large. The small amount of time which was devoted to this important study at the leading colleges of the country was illustrated by a schedule upon the board. By this it was seen, that in 1860 Harvard led in this respect and has maintained this lead ever since. At that time one half of the senior year was devoted to the study of Bowen's Political Economy ; in 1870 this branch had been increased to two courses, one required and one elective, and at present Harvard offers more courses than even Columbia, with her School of Political Science.

The importance of the science to lawyers, ministers and journalists, was clearly shown. But in this country, said the lecturer, every man who desires the welfare of his country should give his attention to such important questions as the tariff, silver coinage, taxation, navigating laws and the system of public lands.

The influence which the Independent. Party has acquired within the last few years has become so conspicuous that it is now acknowledged to hold the balance of power, even in nation

The lecture was important, both for the students of political economy and for those who intend to become such. The interest was heightened by several striking and original similes, which were received with applause by the audience.