Fact and Rumor.

W. B. Noble, formerly of '84, has returned to college.

The senior class at Yale have chosen Perch as their photographer.

Prof. A. S. Hill is ill and his courses will be conducted for the present by Mr. Wendall.

A tennis tournament is in progress at Yale from which Knapp and Thorne have been debarred.

At Yale a political club is being formed by students to do work in the presidential contest.


A. C. Denniston '83, formerly president of the Harvard Herald, has returned and entered the law school.

Among the new features in Cambridge is the great skating rink on Putnam avenue, called the Harvard Rink.

LeMoyne, captain of last year's nine, is to study law, with the intention of engaging in the practice of patent law.

The Yale News does not seem to be satisfied with the material, which has so far presented itself on the football field.

H. B. Twombly, quarterback of the Yale football team for the last two years, has entered the Harvard Law School.

The second ten of the Institute of 1770 from '87 are Keyes, Fiske, Carroll, Baker, endicott, Dexter, Flagg, Varick, Allen and Tilton.

German is looked upon with much more favor than French by the Yale students. Much the same state of affairs exist at Harvard.

Mr. Jones will be in Holden today from 2 to 4 P. M, and on Saturday, 9-10 A. M. to give information to any students in regard to Eng. 9.

Pritchard, formerly a member of '81, has entered the sophomore class at Yale and will pitch for his class nine in a game shortly to be played.

The first number of the Advocate will be ready at noon Saturday, at Sever's.