Fact and Rumor.

Mr. Wendall will not be able to meet the class in English 12 until Wednesday, Oct. 1.

The hours of meals at Memorial hall are the same as usual for the fall term: breakfast, 7.30 to 9; lunch, 12.30 to 1.30; dinner; 6 to 7.

There is not a single man in the freshman class at Yale by the name of Smith, as unprecedented state of affairs, according to the News.

The young ladies studying at Cornell are compelled in accordance with a recent order of the faculty to room in the college building erected for their use.

At both Yale and Harvard the Freshman class is much smaller than last year. Amherst and Dartmouth have the largest Freshman classes in their history.


Professor B. C. Pierce will meet those men who have elected Math. 6 today at noon in Sever 24; those who have elected Physics 8, at 11 A. M. in Sever 20.

The Pope Manufacturing Company, of Boston, has presented the new Amherst gymnasium with a stationery bicycle for the development of the bicycle fever at Amherst.

The GRIMSON has placed two boxes, one at Leavitt and Pierce's and the other in the Co-operative office, in which communications and notices may be placed any time before 9:30 P. M.

The following committee were elected in History notes: McArthur, Hansen and Gardiner. There will be no recitations in the course until the return of Mr. Hart which will probably be about the first of November.

Vinton and Hurd, the battery of the Philips Andover nine of last year have both entered Yale '88, but Vinton having played on the Philadelphia league team as a professional player will not play on any of the Yale nines. Still, he will be of great assistance as a coach.

Princeton's prospect in football for the coming season is very bring. Many for the old eleven are still in college and their play is up to the old standard. Lamar and Baker will probably play half backs. Alex. Moffat, the famous halfback, is again studying there but it is reported that he will not play.