Special Notices.

All notices published under this head except "Lost" and "Found" notices must be paid for before insertion.

Wanted, a tutor in Mathematics 4. Apply immediately to 35 Thayer.

Music 3. Printed Notes. 5 Stoughton.

Tutoring in Hist. 2, N. H. 2, and N. H. 4. M. W. Richardson, 68 Thayer.

Tutoring in Pol. Econ. 4. R. Peterson, 17 Thayer.

Tutoring in English 2, and Classics. Apply to " '85," 43 Thayer Hall.

Tutoring in Chemistry I, and Freshman Chemistry. W. S. Robinson, S. 15.

For Tutoring in Eng. 7, Phil. 2, and Phil. 4, apply at 3 Holyoke House.

Tutoring in Political Economy I and German. T. H. Root, 22 Divinity.

Tutoring in N. H. 4, 8, and 14, and in Math. 2. H. L. Smyth, 30 Mt. Auburn street.

Tutoring in Freshman Math., Math. 2 and Chemistry 1. S. L. Harding, 13 Wendell street.

LOST-Der Neue Plutarch. Finder will please return to G. B. Stevens, 9 Wadsworth.

FOR SALE.-Johnson's Family Atlas of the World, half morocco and gilt, entirely new. Price $15. Apply to No. 16 College House.

Ferris, the sparring master at the gymnasium, will be absent in Exeter for ten days during the examinations. Attention of pupils is called to this notice.

Natural History IV. I will discuss thoroughly the important points to be covered by the mid-year examination, at 49 College House, Friday evening, Jan. 23, at 7 P. M. E. W. Frost.

J. F. Noera has opened to the inspection of the public, a new tailoring department. His new method for cleansing clothes by the steam-naptha process is ne plue ultra. 438 Harvard st.

27 College House, two flights, front, south end. Any careful person taking this room for the balance of the year ($40.00) may have free the use of the furniture, (the room is well furnished), and a ton of coal. Apply today or tomorrow, 9-12 A. M., 3-6 P. M.

J. Dudley Hall, Organist of the Church of St. John the Evangelist, Boston, will receive pupils in pianoforte, organ playing, and harmony. Thorough grounding in Harmony and technical principles guaranteed. 125 Tremont St., Room 8, Boston.

POL. ECON. I.-A lecture in two parts will be given on this course at 17 Divinity Hall, on Friday, January 30, beginning at 10 A. M. and 3 P. M. The Chapters of the book will be taken up in order, with an epitome and explanation of each section, and a full discussion of the more important and difficult points. Gentlemen intending to be present will confer a favor by notifying me. F. Coggeshall, 35 C. H.