The Abbot Library.


The private library of the late Dr. Ezra Abbot, a collection of embracing over 4,000 volumes, has been presented to the university by his window. The library is extremely well adapted to the needs of the Divinity School, as it was for the main part, collected by Dr. Abbot to aid him in the biblical studies which have rendered him justly famous.

Prof. C. C. Everett and Prof. E. C. Peabody, of the committee on the library, have published a statement, in the hope that some friend of the school may come to its aid, so that it can accept this gift. Some of the volumes are of general interest, and some are very curious and rare. the donation is received with gratitude, but also with embarrassment, for at present there is no accommodation for so large a collection. A condition of the gift is, that "there shall be secured, as soon as possible, for this condition and for the rest of the Divinity School library, a more adequate and safe place of keeping." The school thus stands in pressing need of a fireproof library building, distinct from Divinity Hall, yet connected with it by an easy passageway. The advantages of such a building would be threefold: -

1. The valuable collection already owned by the school would be safe. 2. Many volumes would be transferred to it from the college library, to the great convenience and profit of the students. 3. The library would increase more rapidly than in the past.