An Announcement to the Members of the H. D. A.

There are still about eighty students waiting to be admitted to the Dining Association. It has seemed the better policy to the management, to refuse to receive any more members than can be conveniently provided for, than by rearranging the tables, or using the same seat twice to accommodate all and satisfy none. The cooking and serving apparatus is already taxed to its utmost capacity.

Up to this time seats have been reserved for those who signed club-table lists last spring. There are still a few seats reserved by this plan. The names of those men for whom they are reserved, are published below:

'86, A. S. Allen, H. K. Richardson, O. B. Roberts. '87, W. Alexander, J. S. Ames, F. D. Shuman. '88, W. Abbott, M. J. Holland, J. H. Melzerott, H. Plummer. Special, R. F. Coombs, W. H. Marlow. L. S., H. Alexander, F. Reed, W. J. Starr. R. G., C. M. Marvin.

If these men do not apply to the auditor before the morning of Oct. 8th, their seats will be deemed vacant and given to those who have made first application to be admitted to the hall.