A meeting of the Tennis Association will be held in Holden Chapel to-night directly after the foot-ball meeting.

D. K. SNOW, Sec.The first lecture in freshman Chemistry will be given Thursday morning at 9 o'clock in 9 Boylston.

M. W. Richardson, '86, Furber, '87 and J. D. Brown, '87, constitute the committee on printed notes in History XIII.

Students who are taking History XIII are requested to leave their names and fees at the Co-operative for the syllabus of the course.

The first junior theme will be due Thursday, Oct. 21. Subject: A criticism of some important work of some good author.

Amherst sophomores have passed resolutions discountenancing tug-of-war contests on the ground of the physical injury done the men.

The nine will be made up today as follows: Holden, 3 b.; Willard, c. f.; Foster, l.f.: Smith, 1 b.; Wiestling, s.s.; Phillips, 2 b.; Bingham, p.; Choate, r.f.; Young, c.

Several Wesleyan sophomores were guilty of throwing water on some freshmen. As a result the President withdrew scholarships to the amount of $75 each, from eight students. Great indignation prevails.

A "New England Association" exists at Princeton which includes all students who were prepared in New England schools. Its aims are both literary and social.

The forthcoming Lampoon speaks well for the ability of the paper. Purdon has designed the centre cartoon, representative of Harvard's athletic triumphs.

One member of the freshman class made his first appearance in Amherst this fall wearing a silk hat and carrying a cane. He is always accompanied by a pistol. Sophs, beware! - Student.

The directory of officers and students will be published early next week, and will contain the names and addresses of all students registered up to Wednesday night at the office (U. 5). All students who have changed their rooms since registering, or who were unable at first to leave their addresses, should report the change or supply the omission immediately at the office, in order that this published list may be as complete as possible.