The Pierian.

The Pierian Sodality, which is one of the oldest organizations connected with Harvard, has entered upon the present year in a most flourishing condition. The number of members, which last year was thirty-one, has increased to forty-three, and all who have heard them play say that the performance is better than it has ever been before. All the instruments necessary for the production of a symphony concert are represented, and we may hope that at no distant time the sodality will attempt to rival the symphony concerts which are now so popular with the students. At present, however, the players limit themselves to less difficult performances.

Although a large number of the members left college with the class of '85, making vacant a number of places in the orchestra, yet the musical men in the other classes have not been backward in their efforts to fill the vacancies. So energetic were they that one second violin, one cello, one contra basso and one flute have been added to the orchestra, besides an obol tuba, tympani and two trombones, instruments which were not used at all last year. A fair number of freshmen have already been admitted to positions.

For the last two weeks the sodality has been hard at work preparing for the concert, given in the Town Hall at Portland, last evening. The programme for the evening, together with the incidents of the trip, will be published in the CRIMSON on the return of the Pierian. Forch heimer, '87, who was leader of the orchestra last year, and won such high praise from every one, will act as conductor this year also.

On next week Wednesday, the first concert of the combined Glee Club and Sodality will take place at Sanders Theatre. This event is always looked forward to by all in college, who appreciate music, with the greatest expectation, and there is no doubt but that the coming concert will be equal to, if it does not surpass any of those which have been given in other years, for the Glee Club also is in the same prosperous condition as the Pierian.