Harvard Shooting Club vs. Dedham.


The first match of the Harvard Shooting Club was shot last Saturday afternoon with the Dedham Club, on their grounds at Dedham. Each Club was represented by a team of six men. The conditions were 20 clay birds for each man, to be shot in four rounds at 18 yards rise, with five angles. The match was very closely contested. At the end of the first round, Dedham led by a score of 13 to 12. In the second round, she again led with a score of 16 to 15. In the third round, the best shooting of the match was done, Harvard leading by a score of 22 to 21. This left Dedham with a lead of one. During the last round, however, her shooting was poor, but Harvard's shooting continued steady, and the score was 18 to 13; thus giving the match to Harvard with a total of 67 to 63. The team was treated in a most courteous manner by the Dedham Club. The following is the Harvard score.

W. H. Slocum, '86, 15

F. B. Austin, '86, 13

M. H. Clyde, '88, 13

W. Austin, '87, 10

W. L. Allen, '86, 9

W. Oakes, '87, 7