Special Notices.

Lost. - A red leather pocket-book. Contains about fifteen dollars in bills and a receipt from the Bursar. Please return to 17 Kirkland Street.

Tutoring in History I. 32 Hollis.

Lost. - A small parcel was left in Sever 11, Dec. 3, at the H. U. debate. Will finder please send to Little's Block, No. 3.

Lost. - A medium sized black silk umbrella, plain, dark wood handle, with two black cord tassels suspended to the handle, has been lost in the Auditor's room at Memorial. It was taken by mistake, Sunday, Nov. 22. The one having it will confer a favor by leaving it with the Auditor.

Students wishing to take lessons in boxing would do well to consult Billy Frazer, the Light-weight champion of America. Orders left at Brine's, sporting outfitter, 10 and 11 Harvard Row.

A club of student scan be accommodated with a large front dinning room at No. 5 Linden Street.

To Harvard students. Visit the old established house of J. W. Brine. Clothing cleaned, pressed and repaired. Mr. Harry Haugh, the great London cutter, has charge of our custom department. His large experience at Cambridge and Oxford, England, enable him to do nothing but first class work. We are the regular co-operative store. J. W. Brine, 10 and 11 Harvard Row.

$50 Reward. The above reward will be paid to any person that may bring a garment to my Tailoring Department stained, and I fail to remove it. Mr. John Rogers, whose ability as a first-class cutter needs no comment, has charge of the tailoring department, the only place in Cambridge where the original Blenheim 4 Button Cutaway, Sack and Jalva Sleeve Overcoat can be got up. Pants a specialty. J. F. Noera, 436 Harvard Street.

School of Dancing Department, Etiquette, &c. Sig. L. Papanti, (nephew of the well known teacher of Dancing, Mr. Lorenzo Papanti of Boston) takes pleasure in announcing to the students of Harvard University that he will open a class in Dancing on Monday evening, Dec. 14, at 7.30 at Lyceum Hall. He will give a thorough instruction in steps, and all the most fashionable dances, including the new Valse-Mazourka, Cottilion, &c. The courses will consist of 16 lessons. Terms $14.00 for the course. Two evenings in the course will be devoted to practising all the dances with music by a fine and select orchestra. Students wishing to join, will please leave their names with Mr. Sever at the University Book-store. Respectfully, L. Papanti.