Fact and Rumor.

The Shooting Club will begin its matches next week.

The first year in the Law School has begun pleading.

The bow oar of the Oxford crew weighs only 150 pounds.

Latin 5 has begun the third book of Cicero's "De Finibus."

Harvard Square was the scene of a lively runaway, yesterday afternoon.


There will be a meeting of the Junior class to-morrow evening.

The seventh theme in English 12, a narrative, will be due on Wednesday, Feb. 18.

A double quartette of the Glee Club will give a concert at Plymouth on Friday evening.

Oberlin has a number of Hawiians, Japanese, and Zulus enrolled in its catalogue.

Mr. Ferris, instructor in boxing, has been to Williams to give instruction to the students there.

There will be a special meeting of the faculty this afternoon to discuss the prayer petition.

Mr. E. B. Stewart, '87, has on exhibition at the Boston Art Club, two paintings.

It is said that Harris and Hamlin will, during the present week, begin to row with the junior crew.

The average of the Oxford University crew is 174 1-4 pounds, of the Cambridge crew, 171 3-4 pounds.

As is shown by the article on the "Vet." School which we print to-day, this department of the University is rapidly being brought into a state of complete equipment.

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