Fact and Rumor.

"Couldn't Princeton join with us in forming a small rowing association on our own hook?" asks the Williams Athenaeum.

Subscriptions for the CRIMSON may be left at the Co-operative rooms, and not at Amee's as was announced yesterday.

Students may have their dogs treated at the Harvard Veterinary School for 50 cents per day. This charge includes both care and treatment.

No recitations were held in Greek 5 and 10, yesterday, as the alterations in Prof. White's recitation rooms are not quite completed.

"Thon," the proposed new pronoun (impersonal, singular number), is being taught by some of the teachers in the public schools at Lewiston, Me.


The alterations made during the midyears in Professor White's recitation room have greatly increased the facilities of the Greek department.

The third volume of Schouler's "History of the United States," used in History 13, will be published next May. It will cover the period 1817-1831.

The report comes from the Law School that the Beck-Holworthy club has been discussing whether a clock which strikes the hour can be arrested for assault and battery.

Mr. R. P. Perkins, captain of the University crew of last year, coached the university crew on Saturday afternoon. The crew rowed 1000 strokes.

Baron George von Bunsen, with whom the college made so pleasant an acquaintance two years ago, delivered the commemorative address on Frederick Knapp last month in Berlin.

Many Harvard men were among the audience at the Bijou, last evening. The improvement in the rendering of the "Sorcerer" is such that it far surpasses last year's performance of the opera. The piece bids fair to have a prosperous run.

The Yale Courant, describing the Peabody Museum, gives utterance to the following bon mot. "In a large room on the first floor, lectures on scientific subjects are frequently given, one on the evolution of a Princeton man from a lump of New Jersey mud being especially popular."

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