Fact and Rumor.

Marks are out in English 12, Natural History 3, and Political Economy 6.

The university nine began its practice at hand-ball playing yesterday.

A large number of men are trying for positions on the Columbia freshman crew.

The Advocate has already obtained 125 new subscriptions. Let the good work continue.

It is said that Amherst and Dartmouth are thinking of starting daily papers.

Galvin, the pitcher of the Buffaloes, has been engaged to coach the Hamilton college nine.

The opening exercises of the conference of the N. E. C. Y. M. C. A. will be held this forenoon.

The Cornell Sun complains that only fourteen men are trying for seats in the university boat.

It is rumored that the faculty will forbid the tug-of-war teams to go to Boston for practice.

Messrs W. D. Roberts, and H. W. Jones, both of '85 have been elected members of the H. P. C.

Dean Burgan says: " God has forsaken Oxford University since women have been admitted to its examinations.

Mr. T. P. Sanborn, '86, has been elected president of the Lampoon, in place of Mr. E. L. Thayer, who has resigned.

The sophomore crew is now composed of the following men: 1, Hardy; 2, Rantoul; 3, Alexander; 4, Tilton; 5, Russell; 6, Ayer; 7, Coolidge; Stroke, Remington.

The crews now use the weights in the rowing room in the following order: freshmen, university, seniors, juniors, and sophomores.

There was but a small gathering at Watertown, on Wednesday afternoon, owing to the severe cold, The scores made ran very low.

It is stated that the trapese and other real apparatus in the Harvard gymnasium are to be removed on account of recent accidents.- (News.