Harvard Union.

The first business before the meeting last evening was the reading of the reports of the Executive Committee and of the treasurer . Both reports showed that the Union was in a very prosperous condition . The next business was the election of officers for the ensuing half year . The following were elected by ballot : President, E. T. Sanford, '85; vice-president; J. M. Merriam, '86; secretary, C. L. Griffin, '88; treasurer, L. M. Garrison, '88 .

The question for debate was : Resolved, " That the United States should ratify the Nicaragua Treaty. " After the ballot on the merits of the question which resulted in affirmative, 15 votes; negative, 34-was taken, the debate; was opened by G. P. Knapp, '87, for the 'affirmative, and by C. G. Parker, '85, for the negative, followed by W. C. Waite, L. S., affir.; C. L. Griffin, '88, neg. The vote on the strength of argument of principal defendants stood, affirmative, 21; negative, 21.

When the debate was thrown open to the house, the following gentlemen spoke from the floor: Messrs. Duane, '88, Astor, S. S., Williams, '88, Sternbergh, '87, Jennings, L. S. S., McArthur, '85, Mahany, '88, Davis, '85, Hansen, '85, and Whittemore, '85. On the ballot on the results of the debate as a whole, the affirmative received 13 votes, and the negative 5.

The following was chosen as the question for the next debate: Resolved, " That the proposed alterations in the requirements for admission into Harvard College are desirable. "