Fact and Rumor.

Eighteen men are candidates for the Dartmouth nine.

Baker, '84, has given up the Law, and turned reporter.

The long expected change in the Monday lunch took place yesterday.

The editorial staffs of most of the college papers number from 7 to 12.

The Faculty of Wellesley will not allow the students to publish a paper.

A large number of Harvard men skated on Jamaica Pond, yesterday.

Quite a number of men intend to enter the coming sports of the Technology.

It is said that the heavy and middleweight sparring events will have but few entries this year.

Zinkeisen, S. S. fractured his collarbone Saturday afternoon, while wrestling in the gymnasium.

The themes from the Junior and Senior classes will be due March 31st, instead of March 21st, as announced yesterday.

Almost all the other colleges celebrated yesterday, ( Washington's Birthday), by having no recitations.

Some few of the delegates to the Y. M. C. A. have remained to spend a few days in Cambridge and its vicinity.

It was intended that our literary supplement should have appeared with this morning's issue, but is was unavoidably postponed until to-morrow.

The following men have been elected honorary members of the H. P. C.: Finney, E. K. Dunham, of the Medical School; Eustis, Gammell, Meyer, Evarts, of the Law School; Atherton of the Lawrence Scientific School ; Logan, Smith and Larrabee, of '85.

Chamberlain has sufficiently recovered from his late injuries as to be able to walk about with crutches.

According to the Boston Herald, " 1000 Harvard's (sic) have accepted the invitation of the Highland Rink."