Before the Traps.


It speaks well for the energy of the shotgun men that so large a number reported at Watertown in the face of the squally afternoon. The scores ran high, and are the more creditable when the trying weather conditions are taken into consideration. The first match was called early, and by quick shooting it was found possible to shoot an additional match for practice at the close of the regular matches announced on the programme. The work of the afternoon may be seen by a glance at the following summary:

MATCH A.- Five pairs, double birds. First, F. S. Meade, '87, 6; second, J. Austin, '88, H. H. Bemis, '87, W. H. Slocum, '86, 5 each; third, F. B. Austin, '86, J. D. Bradley, '86, P. Folsom, '88, F. S. Palmer, '87, 4 each.

MATCH B.- Ten singles. First, W. H. Slocum, '86, 8; second, J. D. Bradley, '86, F. S. Palmer, '87, 7 each; third, F. B. Austin, '86, 6; J. Austin, '88, 5.

MATCH C.- Ten singles. First, W. H. Slocum, '86, 9; second, F. S. Palmer, '87, 8; third, J. Austin, '88, 7; fourth, H. H. Bemis, '87, 6.

PRACTICE MATCH. First, F. S. Palmer, '87, 8; second. J. D. Bradley, '86, F. S. Meade, '87, 5 each; third, W. Oakes, '87, 4.