Fact and Rumor.

There will be an examination of 40 minutes in Greek V. next week.

All students are strictly forbidden to smoke in Dane Hall. Per order of directors.

The Glee Club sang last night for the benefit of the Home of the Friendless, in Boston.

Russell, '87, is now rowing number two on the university crew, in place of Cabot, '86.

The Hon. Charles E. Fitch has been selected to deliver the course of lectures on "Journalism" before the Cornell students.

A concert will be given by the Glee Club, in Roberts Hall this evening, under the auspices of the Cambridge Social Union.

The Wellesley Shakspere Club will attend the lecture of Henry Irving, in Sanders Theatre. A section has been reserved for them.

Sophomore them IV. will be returned to-day, from 2 to 4.30 P. M., as follows; Fessenden to Pearl in Sever 1; the rest of the class in Sever 5.

Mr. Kilrain, the professional boxer and teacher, says that Mr. Morrison of the Medical School, is one of the most effective heavy-weight boxers he ever met.

The Brown freshmen have subscribed sixteen dollars for the support of a class crew. This is a great contrast with the class subscriptions here.

The famous Druid Lacrosse Club of Baltimore want to arrange a match with our twelve, and have written, asking if our team can play them.

The brass band has begun practice in earnest. Weekly rehearsals are now in order. The students can expect many open air concerts during the spring term.

The girls who graduate from the English colleges which give degrees to women wear gowns precisely like those worn by the university men, made by the same tailor.

A sale of tickets for the New York performances of the Hasty Pudding Club, on April 6 and 7, will take place this morning, between 9 and 11 A. M. at Matthews 11.

A daily is commenting on the oratory of Mr. Daniel Dougherty, says: "It was his impassioned plea at Chicago, in 1880, that resulted in the nomination of Hancock."

W. C. Dale, Jr., is writing a series of articles for the Cornell Era on Training. Candidates for the Inter-collegiate contests should consult the last one-on sprint-running and hurdling.

At a recent meeting of the students of Dartmouth, $1300 was subscribed for the support of the university nine. A strong effort will be made to take the pennant to Hanover this season.

The Columbia 'Varsity crew have not begun to practice regularly as yet. Richards, '87, and Meikleham, '86, will row, and probably the class of '87 will put three or four men on the 'Varsity.

The question to be orally discussed by English VI. to-day is: "Does the policy of the incoming administration as outlined in President Cleveland's Inaugural address, bid fair to prove of good practical service to the country?"

The decisions of the judges of the Bowdoin prize essays have been rendered. Mr. W. C. Smith, '85, S. D. Richardson, '86, and T. P. Sanborn, '86, received prizes of $100, $75, and $50 respectively. No prize was awarded for essays in group I, and the report is not ready on those of group III.