Fact and Rumor.

The report of the Dean will soon be out in pamphlet form.

The marks in Chemistry I are out. The averages are unusually low.

The next Geological Seminar will continue the discussion of "Soils."

One professor upon the Yale Faculty is stated to be worth a million dollars.

Julian Hawthorne is writing an athletic novel entitled "Love and a Name."


Cornell is making active preparations for its indoor Winter Athletic Meeting.

There was a small fire in the square last Sunday, but it was quickly extinguished.

The next text book required in English 7 is Johnson's "Variety of Human Wishes."

It is uncertain whether any tug-of-war team from Harvard will enter the Technology games next Saturday.

Lieutenant General Perry of the English army was in Cambridge, yesterday, a guest of G. N. Perkins, '86.

Thirty-two men have agreed to train for the nine which is to be organized at the Institute of Technology, this spring.

German II has begun the "Life of Robspierre." All students who have not copies of the work will procure them immediately.

The library of Petrarchian and Icelandic literature collected by Prof. Fiske of Cornell, is one of the finest of its kind in this country,

It has been suggested that the juvenile portion of the choir remain seated after morning prayer until the students leave the chapel, as they block the way and elbow through those who are in the passage.

The University of Michigan will have the largest observatory dome in the world, its weight being ten tons, and its diameter 45 feet 4 inches.