Fact and Rumor.

Marks in History XI are out.

Cox, '87, of Yale, attended the winter meeting Saturday.

Rooms must be re-engaged for 1885-6 before one o'clock to-morrow.

Mr. C. C. Foster, '81, (Medical School, '84) is studying medicine in Paris.


The University of Pennsylvania will have a ball nine in the field this season.

E. M. Gill, '86, has left college with the intention of going into journalism.


A party of seniors will spend the recess on a shooting trip to Martha's Vineyard.

The official announcement has been made that the spring recess will extend from April 1st to 7th.

The demand for tickets for the lecture this evening has made it necessary to use the music balcony.

The defeat of Hanlan, the oarsman by Beach of Australia, last Saturday, was a great surprise to the ex-champion's friends.

Dr. Hart has given his last lecture for this year in History XIII. He intends to spend the coming six months in Italy and Switzerland.

Mrs. Mary A. Livermore will speak under the auspices of the Total Abstinence League some evening in the second or third week of April.

Science Hall, the building of the University of Wisconsin, which was destroyed by fire a short time ago, is to be rebuilt at an expense of $150,000.

The Medical and Law Schools have shown more than usual interest in the winter meetings this year. At least one man has entered from each at each meeting.

In the April number of the Popular Science Monthly is a very interesting article by Professor Laughlin, on "The Character and Discipline of Political Economy."

The spring theatricals of the Hasty Pudding Club occur this evening, at 8.30 P.M., in the society building on Holmes field. Present and past members are cordially invited.