Fact and Rumor.

Mr. Preble has raised the marks in Latin 2.

Reynolds, '86, has been elected a member of the Signet.

Mr. Godkin, the lecturer on Free Trade is editor in chief of the New York Post.

It is probable that the lacrosse team will play the Cambridge team on the 18th inst.

George Parker, of Boston, sang two tenor solos in Appleton Chapel, Sunday evening.

Some very good photographs of the third meeting of the H. A. A. are for sale at Sever's.

Mr. P. S. Livingston of the Columbia Law School, a former member of '85, is in Cambridge for a few days.

The Princetonian will be published hereafter three times a week, and will resemble the DAILY CRIMSON in form.

Games to-day in Boston, Bostons vs. Brown; Dartmouth vs. Techs;-in Princeton, New Yorks vs. Princeton.

The long-looked-for lectures on Free Trade, by Mr. Edwin L. Godkin of New York, are announced at last. These lectures are to be four in number, and will be given in Sever 11, at 7.30. The first will be this evening; the second, to-morrow evening; and the other two April 17 and 21.

The first number of the American Journal of Archaeology contains articles by Prof. Norton and Instructor Marsh.

The new frame bicycle, placed in the gymnasium yesterday, is the gift of the Pope Manufacturing Company to the H. A. A.

Eighty-five has received a new shell from Waters, in exchange for the old one of last year, which was too small for the crew.

The different athletic organizations are perfecting arrangements whereby Jarvis and Holmes can be used without conflict. The results will be published in a few days.

The Young America Cricket Club of Germantown will hold their annual games on May 2nd. They will be open to all amateurs. Besides the ordinary games there will be a tennis tournament.

All the tickets for the two advertised performances of the Hasty Pudding Club in Boston, have been sold. There will be an extra performance of the H. P. C. theatricals Monday evening, April 20.

A make-up examination in Greek and Roman Literature is to be held some time in May. The Registrar desires all students wishing to take this examination to give notice at the office at once.

The students who are as yet unacquainted with the music of the choir boys, will have an opportunity to hear them in Lyceum Hall, April 16th, as they are one of the attractions of a concert to be given in aid of the Cambridge hospital.