Special Notices.

All notices published under this head except "Lost" and "Found" notices must be paid for before insertion.

Attention is called to the advertisement of H. L. Hurlbut, Tailor, 125 Tremont St., Boston.

WANTED.-Volume XXXVIII, No. I, of the Advocate; will give a premium. Apply to 23 Holyoke House.

J. F. Noera has removed to Holyoke Street, opposite Holyoke House, where he will continue his business as usual.

J. Dudley Hall, Organist of the Church of St. John the Evangelist, Boston, will receive pupils in pianoforte, organ playing, and harmony. Thorough grounding in harmony and technical principles guaranteed. 125 Tremont St., room 8, Boston.

The most complete and reliable establishment for repairing clothes is at J. F. Noera's. His new steam naphtha process for cleansing clothes is ne plus ultra. Holyoke Street, opp. Holyoke House.


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