Fact and Rumor.

Lampoon out to-day.

Class game to-day: '85 vs. '86.

"Goats" vs. "Amateurs," on Jarvis Field at 9.30 this forenoon.

Cambridgeports vs. Harvard on Holmes Field to-day at 4 P. M.

The Shakspere Club will have their first full rehearsal this evening.

C. H. Minot, '86, will act as manager of the June theatricals of the H. P. C.

Dean, '88, is working on the track again and is making very good records.

The New York State Inter-collegiate Athletic meeting will be held with Hobart at Geneva, May 3rd.

President Seelye has regained his health and is again performing the duties of his office.

Secretary Bayard is to deliver the commencement address at the University of Kansas.

The cricket game between Harvard and South Boston did not come off on Saturday as was intended.

Prof. Bocher will read from Moliere's "Les Precieuses Ridicules" to-night, in Sever 11.

The Yale freshmen have elected their fence orator. W. H. Fitzgerald of Chicago was chosen.

There are two suites of rooms in Wadsworth that are to be let to seniors and graduates.

N. H. VIII, excursions to Clifton today and to-morrow. Train will leave Eastern R. R. depot at 2. 15 P. M.

Dr. Langmaid, one of the leading tenors of the Trinity choir, sang a solo in Appleton Chapel, Sunday evening.

The barge for the lacrosse team, and those who may desire to see the game this afternoon, will leave the college yard at 4 P. M.

The members of the Shooting Club who have won prizes can receive their medals by applying to F. B. Austin, 22 Holworthy.

The following men constitute the second eight of the O. K. from '86: Carpenter, Frye, Gardner, Huddleston, Lyman, S. J. Richardson, Riddle, R. D. Smith.

The postponed games in the CRIMSON series will be played upon the following dates: "Comets" vs. "Prescotts" Thursday afternoon, May 7; "Mt. Auburn" vs. "CRIMSON," Friday afternoon, May 8.