Special Notices.

The students will find it to their interest to deal with J. F. Noera, the Harvard Furnisher, as he keeps the latest novelties in Shirts, Neckwear, Hats, Canes, etc. His prices are five per cent. lower than co-operative store prices, for the same quality and fabric of goods. The agent for the original Troy Laundry. J. F. Noera, 436 Harvard Street.

Wanted. - A young man desirous of finishing his education would like the services of an instructor. Address, Samuel J. Jones, Cambridgeport P. O.

Music 3. A few copies of printed notes in this course, beginning with Bach and including the work of the second half-year, can be obtained at 8 Stoughton.

Tutoring in Math. A, C, D, E, and 1. Augustus S. Haskell, '87, 22 Hollis.

Tutoring in F. A. 6, and Classical courses. If a sufficient number desire it, I will give a review of F. A. 6, on Monday, Feb. 1st. Address, J. M. Paton, 154 Brattle St.

Notice. - I shall translate carefully "La Rabbiata" and answer questions upon the other work in Freshman German at 41 Grays, this evening at 7.30. $2.00. I will also tutor privately in Freshman German. R. T. Osgood, '87.

Tutoring in History 12 and Natural History 2. Wm. W. Nolen, '84, 6 Little's.