The game began at 4 p.m., Harvard taking the west side of the field. The opening of the game was marked by bad fumbling on the part of the Techs. Harvard secured the ball, and a long punt by Jones sent it close to the Technology 25-yard line. Here Remington made a good rush, but was downed close to the goal line. Good work by the Harvard rush line aids Fletcher in securing the first touchdown, from which no goal was kicked. The ball is brought out by Technology, but long kicks by Porter soon force it to the 25-yard line, with the ball in Harvard's possession. A good pass by Fletcher enables Porter to make a touchdown, from which Jones kicks a goal. Technology now works the ball toward the middle of the field, but a good run by Butler carries it in close proximity to the Technology goal line. Here Butler is thrown, and for a moment he cannot rise, as the wind has been knocked out of him. Play is resumed and Butler secures a touchdown, from which a goal is kicked. The ball is again brought out to the centre of the field, and aided by bad fumbles by Harvard's half-backs, Technology slowly forces the ball to Harvard's 25-yard line. Here a good pass to Faulkner enables him to make a fine run through Technology's rushers. Harding secures the ball and is downed at the 25 yard line. The ball is passed to Jones, who runs in and makes a touchdown, but a try for goal results in a failure. Soon after, Porter secures another touchdown. The ball is punted out, but is muffed by Porter. Muffs by Jones and Fletcher bring the ball well up in the field. Harding, however, gets the ball, and by a splendid run makes a touchdown, from which no goal is kicked. Soon after Faulkner makes a touchdown, from which a goal is kicked. After a few minutes' play one of the Technology half-backs is hurt, and Boyden, a Harvard substitute, is put in his place. Good rushes by Fletcher and another by Jones enables the latter to make a touchdown, from which no goal is kicked. After three downs on Technology's part, the ball comes in Harvard's possession, and Porter kicks a goal from the field. Harding soon after gets the ball, and by a fine rush makes a touchdown, from which Jones kicks a goal. Time is called with the score standing 53 to 0 in Harvard's favor.

As it was beginning to grow dark, play was resumed before the expiration of the usual time allowed between the halves. Brooks dribbles the ball to Harding, who is downed after a short run. Jones makes a fine run, but long punts by Boyden keep the ball well in the center of the field. The ball is, however, slowly worked towards the Technology goal and soon Jones makes a touchdown from which he kicked a goal. As it was getting too dark to see the ball well, time was called, the score for both halves being, Harvard, 59; Technology, 0. For Harvard, the best playing was done by Remington and Harding, while Taintor and Tracy distinguished themselves for Technology.

Technology: rushers, Goodhue, Kim ball, Dame, Taintor, Ladd, Larose, Tracy; quarter-back, Ellis; half-backs, Duane, Kendricken; full-back, Devens. Harvard: rushers, Faulkner, Remington, Wood, Brooks, Woodman, Butler, Harding; quarter back, Fletcher; half-backs, Porter and Jones; full-back, Peabody. Referee, Mr. Kimball, Harvard, '86.

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