Fact and Rumor.

The official inter-collegiate base-ball averages will be ready for publication in a few days.

A conference committee of students and Professors is to be appointed at Princeton. - Yale News.

The new gymnasium at Bowdoin is of brick, with freestone trimmings. It is heated by steam and lighted by electric light.

The signatures of the guests and graduates who registered during the celebration are to be preserved and collected in book form, a companion to the "Book of Autographs of Graduates and Guests Who were Present at the Two Hundredth Anniversary in 1836."

The following men have been elected associate members of the Glee Club and Pierian Sodality: From '87, Austin, Ayer, Bartol, Brengle, Cox, Dexter, Emery, Fessendon, Flagg, Heckscher, De Gersdorff, Mumsford, A. C. Smith, Russell, Wiestling, From '88, Appleton, Browne, Butler, Adams, Amory, Codman, De Gersdorff, Hale, Porter, Reynolds, Sedgwick, Snow, Spaulding, Winslow, Woodman.

President McCosh has written a letter to the newspapers in which he states his acceptance of the explanation given by Dr. Holmes, that only two lines of his poem relate to Princeton. "Dr. McCosh also acknowledges the favors shown by Harvard College," but maintains that he had the same "right to give expression to his feelings of indignation as Harvard had to withhold the recognition she gave to others."

An account of Ancient Greek Drama with reference to the present performance of the Acharnians, appeared in Wednesday's World.

The Exonian issues a pleasing little extra containing an account of the Exeter-Andover game. The extra is illustrated, and among the squibs hurled at the defeated Andover men is the following:

"This man is Dennison - whose fame was wide-spread,

But of whom it is now, on authority, said

That his body is almost as sore as his head, -

At Andover."