The 250th Anniversary.


We love, we honor the maternal dame,

But ther priesthood wear a modest name,

While through the waters of the Pilgrim's bay


A new-born Mayflower shows her keels the way.

Too old Grew Britain for her mothers bead's, -


Must we be necklaced with her children's creeds?

Welcome alike in surplice or in gown

The loyal lieges of the Heavenly Crown!

We greet with cheerful, not submissive mein

A sister church but not a mitred Queen!

When Dr. Holmes had regained his seat amidst rousing applause, Pres. Eliot arose, and with these words conferred the following degrees.

CONFERRING OF DEGREES.PRESIDENT ELIOT arose and said: By authority committed to me by the President and Fellows, and the board of overseers, and in the favoring presence of the nation's chief magistrate and of all these applauding friends, I now proceed to confer the highest distinction which it is in the power of universities to give upon the following men who have won for themselves renown in letters, science, the learned professions or the public service, and who have come hither to take part in this festival:

DOCTORS OF LAWS.George Dexter Robinson, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; Lucius Quintius Curtius Lamar, George Frisbie Hoar, Chas. Taylor, Mendell Creighton, Right-Hon. Sir Lyon Playfair, Timothy Dwight, Ezekiel Gilman Robinson, Joseph Leidy, Charles Kendall Adams, Mark Hopkins, Frederick Henry Hedge, Edward A. Park, William Seymour Tyler, Jonathan Ingersoll Bowditch, Edward El bridge Salisbury, Charles Deane, James Dwight Dana, James Hall, Roswell Dwight Hitchcock, Henry Drisler, Lincoln Flagg Brigham, Thomas McIntire Coolidge, Spencer F. Baird, Prof. Gildersleeve of Johns Hopkins, Asa Hall, Cyrus W. Mitchell, Henry L. Abbott, George Jarvis Brood, John Wesley Powell, Walbridge Abner Field, John Shaw Billings, Rudolfo Lanciani, Charles Marsh, M. Cleveland, Theodore Dwight Woolsey, John Greenleaf Whittier.