Fact and Rumor.

Marks are out in French 3 and 5.

The marks are out in freshman Chemistry.

Messrs. Baker, Wells, Lord and Bemis leave for New York to-day.

The first number of volume VII of the Advocate is published this afternoon.

Nay, formerly Amherst, '87, is here investigating questions relating to the inspiration of the scripture.

The Yale College library has been presented with a copy of the death mask of Oliver Cromwell.

N. H. S. Geological Seminar. Time changed to Monday afternoon at 4 p.m. Room 2 of the Museum.

Toppan Prize. The judges have reported that no essay worthy of this prize has been presented this year.

Owing to the enterprise of a gentleman the other night, one of the kleptombrellomaniacs about college was caught with his plunder on him.

Princeton has a good show for three first prizes this year in the Mott Haven games - mile walk, pole vault, and bicycle race. - Princetonian.

At the meeting of the junior class last evening, action was taken on the recent death of George Caswell Baker, formerly of L. S. S. '87.

All members, active or associate, of the Glee Club and Pierian, are once more strongly urged to sign for the dinner on the 23rd. The more the merrier!

L. E. Meyers, the famous runner, will run at the Harvard spring meetings, in return for Mr. Baker's courtesy in running at the Manhattan Club games.

Bemis gets 40 seconds start from the best man at the Athletic Club games in New York to-morrow. He beat the Inter collegiate two mile record Wednesday, by 26 seconds.

The section in Philosophy I will use as a text book for the rest of the year, Sterling's translation of Schwegler's "General History of Modern Philosophy."

The ninth ten of the Institute was elected as follows: Marden, Davidge, Wardner, Goodhue, B. Carpenter, Thompson, Jackson, S. Gleason, W. H. Furness, G. A. Carpenter.

Harvard has passed through the "mid-years," and will now resume its wonted gayety. A continuation of the series on "Harvard Morality" would not, therefore, be inappropriate. - Princetonian.

The University of Penn. A. A. have a scheme on foot to establish a State Inter-collegiate Spring Athletic Meeting. Johns Hopkins and the Naval Academy at Annapolis may be invited to join.

Prof. Shaler will meet those who may desire information as to professional employment in Geology, and to various lines of work in which Geology can be made of use, on Monday evening, at 7.30. in room 2, Museum.

A meeting of the New York State Inter-collegiate Ball League was held recently, and Cornell formally awarded the championship for the past season. The University of Rocherter was expelled, and the Troy Polytechnic admitted to membership.