INSTITUTE OF 1770. There will be a meeting of the society this Friday evening, at 7.30.

F. C. WOODMAN, Sec'y.Candidates for the '86 tug-of-war team will please meet in the basement of the gymnasium at 4.30 sharp.

G. C. ADAMS.FRESHMAN GLEE CLUB. There will be an important meeting to-night, in 20 Littles Block, at 7.30. Members are requested to be punctual.

GEO. T. KEYES.READING-ROOM. Subscribers are requested to pay their subscriptions at once at the Co-operative. For those not already members who join now, the fee will be $1.00 for the rest of the year.

TO SENIORS. The class photograph lists will be sent around to day, two to each member of the class. Please notice the directions on the last page, to send one by March tenth with the pictures wanted underlined and signed, and to keep the other for a memorandum. Sittings must be made faster; at the present rate they will not all be made until fall. It does not require the expenditure of a great amount of energy to attend to the request on the postal cards I have sent, and if those to whom they are sent will attend to it, the sittings will be finished in time. A number who have set have not selected proofs or sat over. This should be attended to at once.

C. L. HARRISON,For the Com.