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FRESHMAN CHEMISTRY. Three hour seminar on the course the day before the examination. Terms, $2. Send in names at once, as number is limited, to 24 Grays.

For sale. - A member of the Harvard Bicycle Club wishes to sell a 52-inch bicycle. in perfect condition. Terms very low as a quick sale is desired. Apply to the secretary, 28 Hilton Block.

Tutoring in Freshman Mathematics and Mathematics 2. Wm. F. Osgood, G. 49.

To Let. - Desirable office in No. 15 Brattle Street, Cambridge. Can add two smaller offices and make good club rooms. Apply to O. P. Roberts, 15 Brattle Street, Room 1.

Tutoring in History 2, N. H. 3 and Freshman Chemistry. C. A. Brodeur, '87, 14 H.

Tutoring in French I, Freshman Chemistry, Chemistry I, Mathematics A, C, D, E, and II. Call or address, 46 College House.

Canadian Toboggans and Moccasins, all prices. Snow Shoes, all sizes. Toboggan Suits to order. Canadian Lacrosse Sticks. Importer of White Sweaters and Gymnasium Suits. J. W. Brine, 10 and 11 Harvard Row.

At the suggestion of my many patrons I have engaged the well known and able cutter, George St. Clair. His abilities as a cutter need no comments, as he is so well known to the public. I have given him charge of my custom department. Mr. J. Foly has charge of the steam naptha, cleansing, pressing and repairing, for which purpose I have engaged three rooms attached to my store in order to give more speed to my work. In my new quarters I have the largest and best facility for cleansing, pressing and repairing, than any other tailor establishment in New England. Sole agent for Ollendoff's pants stretcher. Orders by mail promptly attended to. J. F. Noera, 364 Harvard St.