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Police Apprehend Armed Man and Woman in Central Square


107 Faculty Called for Review of Tenure Procedures in Letter to Dean Gay

Fact and Rumor.


R. M. Appleton, '84, visited the college, Saturday.

Princeton will have back nine of her old foot ball team next year.

The number of students whose name is Smith, is 23.

Captain Richards of Yale has so far recovered as to be able to be about on crutches.

Philosophy 1 will take up, after Christmas Ferrier's lectures on Greek Philosophy as a text book.

The Brown University students are enjoying hare and hounds runs in the neighborhood of Providence.

Terry's record, of twenty-two touchdowns for this season, has, we think, never been surpassed or equaled by an America foot ball player.

If the present warm weather continues, it is not impossible that a seventh hare and hounds run will be started.

Exeter is bemoaning its hard luck. Four of the best base ball players in the Academy have left since the beginning of the year.

The Exeter polo club for 1884-85 has begun playing rink matches. They played one on Thanksgiving day and were beaten.

At the last meeting of the Mathematical Seminar, Mr. A. G. Webster, '85, delved his first lecture on the dynamics of a billiard ball.

Prof. Macvane has requested the men in History 1 not to utilize the windows of the recitation room in Dane Hall as a means of exit, at the close of his lectures, unless in call of fire.

The dormitory system will probably soon be a thing of the past at the University of Wisconsin. Out of three hundred and fifty students, all but fifty room at private houses.

A new observatory is to be built for the University of Virginia, which will be finer than any other in the country. The great telescope will be as large as the one in Washington.

A Princeton correspondent of the New York clipper makes the suggestion that, instead of warning or ruling off a man for foul tackling, or off-side play, a point or points should be given to the opposite side.

Now and then we are rudely reminded that there are idiots, or worse, dwelling among us. The painting of the Harvard statue was one such reminder. The mutilation of a library book just reported is another.

A Texas steer was loose in the street at the west end, in Boston, the other day, and it is unnecessary to say more of the way things were going on. A sick man in the house heard the disturbance, and, looking up wearily at nurse, said: "I do wish that Harvard student would go home." -Wooster Collegian.

"Table 24" has added another to its long series of victories, by defeating "Table 32" at foot ball on Saturday by a score of 16 to 7. Gilman, '85, was among the players. Boyden, '85, and Churchill, '86, did some excellent rushing and kicking.

There will be a meeting of the Harvard Union, Thursday, December 18, in Sever 11, at 7.30 P. M. Question: "Was the enfranchisement of the negro as accomplished by the fifteenth amendment a mistake?" Reserved books upon this subject will be found in the library reading room, on the shelves at the foot of the stairs leading to the gallery.

Saturday afternoon the members of the Glee Club were the guests of the Boston Art Club. The evening passed most pleasantly to the Club, as they had the freedom of the Club house, a delicious spread and a most appreciative audience. It is expected that the Glee Club and Pierian Sodality will give a concert at Art club on a Ladies' Night after the Christmas recess.

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