Fact and Rumor.

Prof. Chas D. Morris of Johns Hopkins died Sunday.

There are now fifteen candidates for the university crew.

The Cornell Sun advocates the formation of a dramatic club.

The Williams Lit. has a long and interesting article on College Journalism.

English 8. Delayed books for the examination may be left on the table in Sever 1.


Professor Cook will meet the members of Freshman Chemistry to-day at 2.30 in Boylston, to review the course.

Dr. Hall will meet students in Physics A at the Physical lecture room on Feb. 9th (Tuesday) from 2.30 to 4 p.m.

The freshman class in Sheff. contains a man who is reported to have broken the college record for running high jump.

The article in Sunday's Herald on the candidates for the nine has caused much dissatisfaction among base-ball men.

Physics B. Dr. Hall will be at the lecture room of the Physical Laboratory to-day from 2.30 to 4 p.m. to meet students in this course.

Choice Chestnuts: "Lacrosse is being introduced in many universities, and will probably take the place of foot-ball at Harvard.

* * *

Yale has thirty-one colored students in the freshman class." - Cornell Era.

Andover talks of forming a Boat Club; Yale offers to present her with an old shell in the most disinterested and philanthropic manner.

M. Pasteur's laboratory is crowded with patients every morning. The total number of all nationalities he has thus far treated is two hundred.

Tickets for the winter meetings will be on sale this week; they are not yet on sale at Sever's or Bartlett's as was stated in Sunday's Herald.

For members of Chemistry 1: "The 343d meeting of the Society of Arts will be held at the Institute on Thursday, Feb. 11, at 7 p.m. Mr. A. H. Cowles of Cleveland, O., will read a paper on "The Cowles Electric Furnace and the Production of Aluminum and its Alloys."

The Athletic Club will hold a "gentlemen's indoor meeting" in the gymnasium on Saturday, February 13th. The following events will be contested, for which entries are now open: Sparring; feather-weight (under 128 pounds), light-weight (under 140 pounds), middle-weight (under 160 pounds), and heavy-weight, (over 160 pounds); wrestling, feather, light, middle, and heavy-weights, same limits; and fencing. - Tech.

Bicycle riders are bound to have all the danger that can possibly be attached to their machines. Not long ago somebody invented a steam engine to be placed just above the small wheel and now another genius comes forward with a mainsail attached. When we finally get a full-rigged bicycle, with its steam engine, spinnaker and all the other appliances suggested or invented we shall have a new means of suicide which cannot fail to become popular. - N. Y. Telegram.

The wild, wild West: "The girls would enjoy coasting more if Yearsley would fix a place for their feet on his sled.

* * *

Griff danced eleven times with the same girl at one ball when he was home.

* * *

Dunn's girl says the Courier sizes him about right.

* * *

Crowell kissed the Bethany girl goodbye 'before a thousand people.'" - Kansas University Courier.

The Tech. urges their tug-of-war team to brace this year and beat Harvard.

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